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Enjo Kouhai 9

The plan is simple, take all of the different mythical races and put them in one school setting, what could possibly go wrong?

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Welcome to Oppai Stream, a hentai haven for all hentai anime, hentai manhwa and hentai pornhwa enjoyers! We are a top quality hentai streaming website with massive library of hentai at your fingertips. Any fetishes and genres that you could think of are available on our site through our extensive search function. We offer streaming directly from Blu-Ray rips meaning that there is no quality loss no matter which resolution you settle for.

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Hentai is a Japanese word that describes sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation. The term was coined in the 1970s as an abbreviation of "hentai seiyoku" (), a phrase meaning "perverse sexual desire." Hentai is not typically associated with animation, as the term specifically refers to sexually explicit characters. Hentai can be understood through a variety of means, but is typically characterized by the absence of explicit sexual intercourse. But in case of our site, hentai stands for streaming media based off of anime (Japanese cartoons). It displays sexual acts with fictional characters in anime style videos.

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By using Oppai.stream you get access to a massive library of both censored and uncensored hentai episodes. With a clean and easy to use interface and great video resolutions to chose from you can be sure to find something that will peak your sexual interests. Watch your favorite hentai and indulge in many different fetishes like loli, incest, anal, uncensored, rape, futanari and much more over on search page. Anime porn / Hentai free forever on Oppai.stream

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